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​​​Lets clear the air. 

Our patented technology is designed to maximize the effectiveness of UV light to kill airborne germs. The airstream passes through a reactor system containing hundreds of UV lenses which function to trap microbes while transmitting a wide field of UV energy. Other systems which simply place UV lamps in the airstream are far less effective in killing microbes, especially "hardend" pathogens such as microbial or fungal spores. 

Your home is your sanctuary for family, friends and pets. Nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy and comfortable home. There is more to your environment than just heating and cooling. Air quality is rapidly becoming a key concern to homeowners. Homes are becoming more airtight, and windows remain closed for much of the year. Indoor air is up to 50 times dirtier than outdoor air: Burdened with viruses and bacteria which can cause disease, as well as pollen and chemicals which cause allergies and discomfort. 

Furnace filtration is not enough. The Ultravair 250UV from Aerobiotix, installed by an HVAC professional, is designed to take your home’s environment to a new level of comfort and wellness.

At Aerobiotix, we are clean air experts. We have placed state of the art air treatment systems into hospitals, businesses, and homes worldwide. Working with leading residential HVAC experts, we are now proud to introduce the new Ultravair 250UV, for direct installation to home central HVAC systems

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Our Mission is to take what we have learned in the development of hospital air purification systems and bring it to the consumer market. We are dedicated to offering the very best, highest quality air purification technology to help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms and illness, because individuals everywhere deserve the right to breathe clean, healthy air. Aerobiotix Inc. ( was conceived around one central idea: Creating healthier environments through proprietary active air management strategies. Our first product, Tower One (T1) was created to fulfill the need to reduce airborne germs in hospital operating rooms. The T1 is the ultimate air purification and disinfection system - the first of its kind. Since the T1 was introduced in 2013, it has been used in prominent medical centers globally.  

Today, we continue to build an innovative product line to bring healthy environments to our customers worldwide.

Clean air is our business.

  • Air filtration, oxidation and disinfection for forced-air HVAC systems
  • Simple return-to-return installatio  using 8” round duct sections
  • Will not increase system backpressure
  • Designed for continuous operation or can be interlocked with furnace
  • Choice of 99.97% true HEPA or 95% MERV 15 filter
  • Patented ultraviolet germicidal chamber creates air sink to maximize UV exposure
  • Germicidal validation – single pass:
  •   100% viruses, 99.97% bacteria, 99.91% spores
  • Electrical safety lockout
  • State of the art photocatalytic oxidation using zirconium catalyst
  • 250 CFM self-powered air flow 
  • 115 VAC , 1/5 HP, standard outlet
  • 32 watt internal germicidal UV-C lamps
  • LCD filter life display with warning
  • LED lamp life indicator
  • Powder-coated steel construction 
  • Lamp life 10,000 hours
  • Filter life 6000 hours 
  • Designed and assembled in USA 
  • Five year limited no-hassle warrantee 

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​With the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant germs such as MRSA, hospitals have turned to us for the environmental elimination of dangerous germs. It's much more efficient to eliminate germs in the environment  than inside the human body.  Our advanced ultraviolet systems are used in hospital critical areas, such as operating rooms, every day. 

The Ultravair system uses state of the art sound deadening to minimize the introduction of noise or vibration. The systems has  been carefully engineered to avoid the release of harmful compounds such as ozone, titanium dioxide, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.  The Ultravair has been fully tested for electrical safety to national and global standards for HVAC equipment.

Technology proven in the world's most advanced hospitals.

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State of the art technology photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology uses a unique catalyst, zirconium oxide, to break down unwanted chemicals in the airstream, such as volitile organic compounds (VOCs) and the complex molecules which cause household odors and allergies..

The Ultravair unit attaches to your furnace return duct, and purifies 250 cubic feet of air per minute. This is a complete air exchange for a 3000 square foot home approximately every 90 minutes. The return to return design will not cause backpressure in your ventilation system, reducing heating and cooling efficiency and increasing costs. 

The Ultravair 250UV system should be installed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Advanced Design.

Designed by a medical doctor, the patented ultraviolet system in the Ultravair 250UV temporarily slows air down to maximize UV exposure. In laboratory tests, this system inactivated over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores in the airstream. Our technology is being used in prominent medical centers to reduce germs in operating rooms.

The technological difference. 


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UltravairTM 250UV ​Features and Specs.

Efficient Installation.

The Ultravair system is the only residential air purifier which uses a US Department of Energy-type HEPA filter. This is the same design used to protect workers in the nuclear industry. This 99.97% filter diverts particles from the airstream onto the surface of the filter material rather than through the material for maximum effectiveness.

Our Mission.